Welcome To Text Types

Text Types is an interactive program designed to be used by middle school teachers, parents and students. It can be used as a resource to provide teachers and students with opportunities for collaborative learning through the processes of modelling, sharing, guiding and independent reading and writing.

Text Types will assist students to plan, edit and produce written texts. Parents can explore Text Types thus becoming better informed about the writing process that their children are required to engage with at school. Text Types explores the text structure and language features of  texts whose purpose is to:

  • Explain
  • Persuade
  • Entertain
  • Instruct
  • Recount
  • Describe

Text Types can be used by teachers and students jointly, as a collaborative teaching aid or by students independently, at school or at home. The program content is contemporary and focuses on relevant and practical strategies designed to assist students’ understanding of common texts. The grammar of English language texts is explored within meaningful and purposeful contexts.

Text Types also provides accessible and ongoing literacy professional development for primary and secondary teachers.  Text Types will assist primary teachers to scaffold their students’ writing. Text Types can be a valuable resource for secondary teachers as it will assist them to become more familiar with the text structure and language features of the written texts of their learning area.

Show Textzee Click on “Show Textzee” anywhere within Text Types and you will meet Textzee who will assist you to navigate through the program as you explore texts’ structure and language features.